What comes next.

Here in Ireland, we are in the sixth week of quarantine. I have lost count of how many days are full lockdown; anyway, I took this time to improve myself, study and do market research.

I try to imagine what will happen after COVID-19. I believe that after the pandemic, the world will not be the same, and the way of consuming products and services will change dramatically.
Essential services like groceries, pharmacy, will continue to be crucial indeed. Those that are not essential will end up migrating to eCommerce and reinvent themselves. Habits start to move forward; we will see online shopping grow unimaginably.

Also, cinema, pubs, concerts, restaurants, sports in general, will be jeopardized until they find a vaccine, unfortunately, will it be the same for the tourism sector, which will take time to rebuild.

I try to learn from the past to find answers for this moment. I don’t know what will happen.
How will the companies set up and grow?
How will people be confident enough to consume after everything?

If you have some ideas on how things will go, please share them with me.

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