Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral

St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral stands on the site where the city of Cork was founded in the 7th century. The cathedral features splendid stained glass windows, marble mosaics and rich sculptures.

Photo by Aline Vieira

Situated near the heart of Cork, St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral is the most recent ecclesiastical site located where the saint is believed to have founded his monastic school in the 7th century.

The present Neo-Gothic cathedral, designed by English architect William Bruges, is made from Cork limestone and marble, as well as Bath stone. This Church of Ireland cathedral was consecrated in 1870.

By Rodrigo Ferreira

Noteworthy features of its magnificent interior include stained glass windows depicting scenes from the Old and New Testaments, marble mosaics from the Pyrenees while the sanctuary ceiling portrays Christ, surrounded by angels. The building contains more than 1,260 sculptures, a particularly ornate pulpit and even a 24 lb cannonball, a legacy of the Siege of Cork in 1690.

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What comes next.

Here in Ireland, we are in the sixth week of quarantine. I have lost count of how many days are full lockdown; anyway, I took this time to improve myself, study and do market research.

I try to imagine what will happen after COVID-19. I believe that after the pandemic, the world will not be the same, and the way of consuming products and services will change dramatically.
Essential services like groceries, pharmacy, will continue to be crucial indeed. Those that are not essential will end up migrating to eCommerce and reinvent themselves. Habits start to move forward; we will see online shopping grow unimaginably.

Also, cinema, pubs, concerts, restaurants, sports in general, will be jeopardized until they find a vaccine, unfortunately, will it be the same for the tourism sector, which will take time to rebuild.

I try to learn from the past to find answers for this moment. I don’t know what will happen.
How will the companies set up and grow?
How will people be confident enough to consume after everything?

If you have some ideas on how things will go, please share them with me.

No pets allowed

Anyone who has a pet at home knows how these three words weigh on our lives here in Ireland. We know that it’s more complicated than you think to find houses or apartments that accept our pets, and when we find them, rent is usually much more expensive.

After a lot of searching, talking to real estate, extra deposit, we got an apartment (two weeks after arriving in Ireland and a month before Jujuba and Lola got here).

A year and a half later, we received a complaint from the administrator reporting that a neighbour complained about the barking, saying it disturbed the peace. We found it strange because she never barks. We installed cameras at home and kept track of her day while we are away (because when we are at home, she doesn’t bark at any time) and we notice that she only barked when someone walked by our door, but it is a normal thing for a dog that is guarding the house, and it doesn’t last all day.

After a conversation, it was agreed that if she stopped barking, we could keep her with us. Ah, I forgot to mention that in this complaint they demanded that “the animal be removed”. Family members can’t be removed.

Anyway, to solve the problem, we bought an anti-barking, and that helped us a lot. The first two days Jujuba barked, but when the sensor was activated, she stopped almost instantly.

We bought a leash too, but we didn’t even use it because the “small house” solved the problem by itself.

You can find both products on Amazon, and I decided to share my experience because I think I can help others who have a similar problem.

Living abroad is not as easy as it seems.

March 25th, 2017.

Unfortunately, it is not just happy experiences that one person faces, and that’s why I’m here now. I just had a really bad experience. I was on my way home on Dublin’s main street and somebody threw an egg in my face. I do not know where it came from or how it was. It was too fast and too painful. The first reaction was to scream because I felt frightened and it was really painful ( the egg hit my eye) and I cried until I had nothing to cry about.

It happened half an hour ago and It is still hard to say how I feel right now. I felt a mix of anger with disappointment …

Living in another country is not living on vacation. Life is hard and prejudice against foreigners exists and actions like these are true examples.