Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is about delivering the right solutions and opportunities that have a positive impact on business and or people.

It is a strategy based on a series of online actions that aim to attract traffic to a website and work this traffic in order to become leads or active consumers of your products or services.

Why Inbound Marketing?

Conventional direct marketing is giving way to relationship marketing, where instead of directly offering products and services, the goal is to create relationship points and then disseminate a value proposition.

It is what is being known as New Marketing, a way to attract the attention of potential customers, presenting content that adds value to people’s daily lives, in a technique that is much less invasive than others used in traditional Internet marketing.

One of the advantages of Inbound Marketing is its segmentation. As it comprises a series of actions that seek to arouse public interest in the brand, its products or services, the public resulting from these actions is extremely segmented.

This greatly facilitates the work of inserting this audience into a sales funnel that allows brands to achieve a drastic reduction in the cost of acquiring customers while also positioning them as a reference in their market.

Plus, around 85% of consumers conduct online research before deciding to buy.

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