Engagement on social networks

Do you know what engagement is and how important it is?

Engagement is your audience’s interaction with you when the customers comment, like or share in social media. This involvement, interaction, and influence with the public is the best way for you to know if your customers and prospects are satisfied with the experience they had with you. That’s why engagement is so important; it will attract more users and, consequently, more people will see your ads and posts. Your brand needs to be recognized, accepted and sought after.

It needs a good reputation, credibility and authority in the digital environment. Your audience must know who you are and what you stand for.

Tips on how to increase engagement on social media


The implementation of a digital strategy is fundamental and effective in attracting customers for your brand. That’s because success in the market is very much related to disclosure to the right people.


To reach your target audience, you need to know them first. Each type of product and service has a specific audience. It is essential to be aware of what your clients expect of you, establishing a relationship of proximity and interaction with them.


If you are looking for how to increase engagement on social networks, you should already know that having just one website is not enough. Social media can (and should) be used to your advantage: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as your target audience can be spread everywhere. Combining all these tools and posting integrated content between them ensures the reach of a wider audience.


But digital marketing is not just about strategies: it is necessary to keep constant monitoring to determine the results of your interaction on the internet. Monitoring the times your audience is online can help you offer first-hand content.

Example of engagement in social network


Aimed exclusively at people who want to find a job, as well as companies that want to hire new professionals or establish professional contacts, LinkedIn is a social network that offers companies the opportunity to have more engagement. On the platform, it is possible to participate in groups and create connections with other users, which is essential for the business to become known to other professionals in the area and, thus, to have greater involvement with those interested in the services they provide.

With LinkedIn connections, another advantage is that the company can make posts to engage its audience and generate interaction between users of the social network. Besides, the platform also offers filters for the business to direct its content to the right people. Finally, with the LinkedIn Analytics tool, the company can monitor the types of content that generate the most engagement and, thus, make posts more interesting for users who follow the posts. In general, it is a social network that cannot be left out when it comes to generating greater involvement with Internet users.

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